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While chiropractic can address many issues, if the body doesn’t have the necessary raw nutrients or building blocks, it can only progress to a certain level. When you add better nutrition, the patient has the building blocks needed to help repair the damaged areas. This allows a better, or more enhanced level of healing than you can generally achieve.

Unfortunately, many people have poor nutritional diets severely lacking in several areas. Adding even a little bit of good nutrition will go a long way toward helping them get better faster, and more fully.

With over 500 hours of training, Dr. Johnson has the expertise to help improve your overall health.

New Patients

What to Expect

At Johnson Chiropractic, the doctor consults with the patient to evaluate their nutritional needs and create a personalized program. For minor adjustments in dietary intake, we can often address the patient’s needs during their chiropractic appointment.

For individuals in need of a more multifaceted approach, a specific time is scheduled for a complete nutritional workup. Dr. Johnson discusses the results and outlines a plan to address your issues.


Standard Process is the main nutritional line used in our clinic. Considered one of the top companies in the nutritional supplement field, they have a 90-plus-year history of producing high quality, whole food based supplements.

Our herbal products are sourced from Mediherb, who basically wrote the book on herbs and herbal preparations that everybody else tries to match. Their quality is unsurpassed, so our patients can be sure they’re getting the best.

These supplements are not available to the public, and must be purchased through our practice. If your supplement is not in stock, we can easily order it for you.

A popular myth is that you can get the calcium you need from antacids. Not true! While there are many forms of calcium, there are very few types the body can utilize effectively.

Take That First Step Toward Better Health

Come in for a nutritional screening and discover how to live healthier. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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