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Dr. Wayne Johnson

  • Changed My Daughter and My Life!

    Dr. Johnson changed my daughter’s and my life! Not only did he adjust our spines, he also made us personalized arch/foot supports. These corrected the painful way my daughter walked because of plantar fasciatis. All of her foot and knee pain is gone! I was so impressed with how much this improved her quality of life that I asked him to assess my feet as well. After only a day of wearing my insoles ALL of my hip pain is gone and I haven’t had any bunion pain. My balance and posture is improving daily, too. For anyone with plantar fasciatis, over-pronation, and/or bunion pain, I HIGHLY recommend getting personalized insoles made.

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  • Appreciated the Wealth of Knowledge

    Really appreciated the wealth of knowledge to help me move forward. Dr Johnson found some problems I have had for a while and has been able to help set expectations for improving my health and lifestyle.

    - Mikaela
  • First experience with a Chiropractor

    First experience with a Chiropractor, I have been in significant pain over the weekend. Got in Monday morning but while the pain had subsided a bit, it was still present. Dr. Johnson did a review of my medical history as well as the problem I was currently experiencing. Did an exam to confirm and determine how to proceed. Explained the process (muscle stimulation and adjustment). I was concerned about what pain I might experience during the adjustment but was relatively mild.

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  • I have been feeling really good

    I began treatment with Dr. Johnson for sharp pains in the upper right side of my back. When this pain became severe the only way I could get any relief was to put my right hand on top of my head. I had not suffered for more than one day before I knew I had to see Dr. Johnson to make the pain stop. The pain was so bad I felt like I wanted to die.

    My job is pretty physical and only increased the pain. At work I couldn’t do anything that made my back feel any better. At night I couldn’t sleep at all and it was very hard to do my job. After a few treatments I felt tons better. I can work better and do more without any problems. I chose the corrective plan of care because I for sure didn’t want that pain to come back again. I have been feeling really good for a while and Dr. Johnson’s treatments ensure I will stay this way.

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  • I have been out of pain for a long time

    I came to Dr. Johnson with a stiff, creaky, crunchy neck. It had been this way for about 3 months and I thought it was going to be permanent because nothing I had tried would make it stop. When my neck would really hurt I would get a headache. Every time I turned my head it felt like my neck was pinched and I could hear crunching sounds.

    I became depressed because I really thought it would last forever. I didn’t enjoy doing anything I used to and I was tired of complaining and whining all of the time. I had to stop doing things with my family and couldn’t do any of the hobbies I enjoy like golf. After completing my corrective plan of care I am now on maintenance care, and have been out of pain for a long time. I can swing a golf club and have the freedom from pain to do anything that I want.

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  • I have my Life back!

    YES! I don’t have headaches anymore. I have no neck pain or shoulder pain, even when I get stressed and I have so much more energy now. I even like my self again and people at work notice the difference in me. My husband asked me to thank Dr. Johnson for the change in me.

    I am Pam, before I met Dr. Johnson, I had headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain and I was always tired, you could say a little moody. I was tired of having a headache every day which caused my neck and shoulders to hurt and I had no energy. I took 4-10 Aspin per day, along with muscle relaxers off and on. The migrans just got worse, I would wake up with a migrans, causing pain in my neck, shoulders, face and even my stomach would hurt. I could not even move. I felt awful, it upset me and I did not like myself because of how I acted.

    I was very cranky with my husband, he got it all. I have a fast pace job, I took all I had to get up and go to work. My hobbies weren’t fun any more so I stop doing a lot of them. I go to the gym and when I was half done with my workout, I would felt so yucky. My housework suffered and I did not want to go anywhere on my days off.

    I met Dr. Johnson at Layton High School lectures, after coming to Dr. Johnson office, I am headache free. In fact, my family and I were going to Salt Lake City the other day and my husband asked me if I had any aspirin in my purse. I could not find one, so I told him “No.” My son’s were so shocked, they said YOU have no aspirin “wow.” I always had a full bottle in my purse at all times. Now I Don’t Need Them.

    Thank you! Dr. Johnson I have a life again.

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  • My medical doctor tried treating me with Prozac

    My name is Brandon and I am 13 years old. I started going to Dr. Johnson in May of 2001. I was diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder). I have been suffering from ADHD for 3 to 4 years now. My medical doctor tried treating me with Prozac.

    Having ADHD made me feel terrible. Nobody in school would play with me, and I felt horrible because I could not focus on my schoolwork or anything else. Due to this problem my family life got out of hand, I could not concentrate on my work, and it was hard for me to do anything fun. I love to play basketball, and I felt this prevented me from playing because I was unable to focus.

    Since coming to Dr. Johnson for my adjustments, it has made me more capable of focusing and concentrating on things easier. People at school and at home now want to play with me and do things with me more often. My grades in school have gotten a whole lot better. I even scored a 95 on my math test. Dr. Johnson has helped me a lot since May. I like getting my adjustments and will keep coming to Dr. Johnson. I have also been off Prozac since just weeks after my first adjustment. Also, I no longer have headaches. My family noticed a great difference in my behavior and concentration after only a couple of adjustments.

    When I first started coming to Dr. Johnson, I was uncertain how he could help me. I now believe in chiropractics, and am thankful of Dr. Johnson for helping me.

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